Sunday, September 2, 2007

Talon's first day of Kindergarten!

Talon rode the bus the second day and we
followed him to school.

He got the special job of holding the door for
all his classmates.

Daddy giving Talon some last minute advice,
like remember how to tie your shoes.

I have been helping at his school every other
week and it is so fun to see him in class. He listens
to her much better than he listens to me. I love
looking through his backpack at the end of the day
to see what he has done at school. It's amazing how
proud it makes me. Tyler and I miss him while he
is gone. When we drop Talon at the bus stop, we wait
until the bus comes and Tyler says, "I bus". Today he
ran after it. It was so cute! He wants to be just like
his big brother.


Rachel said...

such cute pics. I love that you got the play by play of him getting on to the bus.