Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Herd

I love watching kids soccer. It reminds me of a pack of wild animals running through the fields. There is very little separation from the ball. The herd moves where the little round white thing goes. If it goes out of bounds all the kids are out of bounds. If it crosses into another playing field you can bet at least 5 of the 8 are chasing it down. You can hold practices or tell them what to do, but as soon as its game time all soccer logic is out the window. There is no passing or shooting, its dribble or kick it towards the goal and hope that it rolls in. We love watching Talon play. He loves running around with his buddies trying to score goals. He gets to play with his cousin Seth and a few other players from a previous team. This is a new team and hopefully they do better than they did in previous years. I think this year his team might be one of the older ones and that is definitely an advantage. We took a few pictures today of them playing, we hope you enjoy.


Rachel said...

update your blog suckers! i need new pics =)

Carrie said...

Hey guys! It's Carrie Motley...Long time no see! I happened to see Rachel's post about your visit to Sacramento and then your link on her blog! She's great friends with my sister-in-law in Pittsburgh...who's having withdrawals from the Wests move! So I've tracked her blog down off of Amy's site so I could try to get ahold of Rachel! You guys look great and what cute boys! What a small world...we have two Merced families in my ward, Kevin and Julie Hansen, who've been around here for a while and Cinda (Hansen) and her husband just moved here a few weeks ago too. Fun to see your cute family.