Friday, June 12, 2009


Here is how I usually find my boys in the morning after I drag myself out of bed...being cozy.
Somehow we have picked up saying "let's get cozy" or "cozy me?" My sister Rachelle says the same thing to her kids and I think we stole it from them. Since I've been pregnant and on the couch more often, I like to "cozy" them whenever I have the chance and I love when they are cozy together. Talon is more affectionate than Ty and has some nighttime fears.

Particularly at bedtime Talon has a hard time being far from Tyler. He has a fear about not being able to see him. Tyler is fine in his own bed, but Talon really needs the security. Before we got the bunk beds, we pushed the two twins beds together so that Talon could always see Ty. He would ask me to turn Tyler towards him so that he could see his face. I hope this is just a stage and not that he is fearful all the time. Although it has been good for him to learn a lot about prayer and blessings. He asks Eric for blessings all the time, which is so precious to me. I hope he feels like prayer and blessings are a great source of comfort when he is scared. Just tonight, he thought he was praying silently but we heard a bit of what he said. One thing he said was, "Jesus, will you give me a blessing?" My sweetheart.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I had a great Dr. visit today. Last time, our little baby girl was breech and I was a little stressed. I was concerned that she may not turn and I might have to have a c-section, which is not the worst thing of course, but I was hoping things would go as they have before with my other two labors. Today he said she was head down and so I am very happy!! I am sure she could turn again, but I'm hoping she will stay in her ready position.

Whenever we are at the doctor, Tyler asks "we are going to the doctor and then our baby sister is going to come out?" Yeah, I wish...not yet buddy, but sooner than later. My doc asked me today if I was still interested in being induced a week early, to which I replied, "absolutely". So, I am planning to be induced on July 28th (7 weeks from today).

This is good news to me because this pregnancy has been harder than the others. It seems like there is one thing after the next. I start to feel better and then something else hits. For a while I was really feeling depressed and that was probably the hardest thing. If I am happy I can handle life, but if I'm depressed and struggling mentally and emotionally, that's another story.

Physically for the last month I have been battling anemia, bronchitis, a sinus infection and apparently allergies. Who knew you could get allergies when you are pregnant? I've never had allergies and man do I have sympathy for people with them. They are terrible. I felt like I couldn't breathe or ever get clear and I couldn't taste anything, boooo. Luckily, lately they have gotten better and I feel like I can breath better. I still have a remnant of a bad cough. When the cough was bad, I wet my pants straight through twice! I have never had that problem in pregnancy and then here comes the humiliating and uncontrollable cough that makes me wet my pants. "Oops, excuse me, do you have something I could wrap around myself so no one will see that I just wet myself?"

So, now that those things have gotten better, I have sciatica again. It has come and gone during this pregnancy along with my varicose vein throbbing pain. Yesterday I was in tears driving Talon to school. Any time I put weight or pressure on it I wanted to die. I had a visit with a physical therapist that was helpful and now I am just trying to lay down a sure. And really, the throbbing vein thing comes and goes. When it's bad it's bad, but for the most part it has been OK.

Today is better and I am so happy for that! Pains will come and go, but I am still so happy and excited to be pregnant! I don't even have it that bad compared to some of my friends. I am amazed at what women cope with to get their children here...women are tough. Here is a shout out to all you women who have endured and struggled. I take strength from your strength.