Friday, June 12, 2009


Here is how I usually find my boys in the morning after I drag myself out of bed...being cozy.
Somehow we have picked up saying "let's get cozy" or "cozy me?" My sister Rachelle says the same thing to her kids and I think we stole it from them. Since I've been pregnant and on the couch more often, I like to "cozy" them whenever I have the chance and I love when they are cozy together. Talon is more affectionate than Ty and has some nighttime fears.

Particularly at bedtime Talon has a hard time being far from Tyler. He has a fear about not being able to see him. Tyler is fine in his own bed, but Talon really needs the security. Before we got the bunk beds, we pushed the two twins beds together so that Talon could always see Ty. He would ask me to turn Tyler towards him so that he could see his face. I hope this is just a stage and not that he is fearful all the time. Although it has been good for him to learn a lot about prayer and blessings. He asks Eric for blessings all the time, which is so precious to me. I hope he feels like prayer and blessings are a great source of comfort when he is scared. Just tonight, he thought he was praying silently but we heard a bit of what he said. One thing he said was, "Jesus, will you give me a blessing?" My sweetheart.


The Hammond Family said...

So sweet!

Rick Sunderlage said...

I love that Talon needs to see Ty's face, so cute! Also, he reminds me of you a bit- like when you put your hand over Eric's mouth while he is sleeping to make sure he is still breathing. Funny!

Mother of Three said...

How cute! BTW You look gorgeous pregnant! I hope the weeks before you are due go well for you! The third pregnancy was killer for me too!

Dianne West said...

Jay, I can't believe you had time to
blog with everything you said you
were doing! That's great! I love
the "cozy"! Maybe it's a good thing
that Talon needs to depend on his
little brother sometimes--good for
their relationship! I love that
Talon asked Jesus for a blessing!

Rachel said...

that is so precious. Luke is pretty much scared of everything so we work through that a lot but I think that is adorable that Talon is comforted by being close to Ty.
we love getting cozy too. Luke says "you want to be snuggles?"