Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy 11 years!

Friends beware...this post is going to be cheesy. You don't have to read why I love my husband. In fact, I guarantee that he would prefer me not to post all the great things about him, but I will do it anyway.

This was on the beach in Carmel, California right after he proposed to me.
Today we celebrate 11 years together. How can I describe them? So many things have changed yet so much has stayed the same. Our life together has had many challenges as well as many good times and I'm lucky to have someone I love to share it with. There have been circumstances in our lives that have made us cry and other things that have made us laugh. And still we are here...together and that means the most to me.
Eric is the kind that loves to see me happy. The kind of husband that doesn't ask for much. The kind of husband that shows me he loves me by words, but actions.
The kind of husband that does things he doesn't want to do for the good of our family.
The kind that is loyal and loves me no matter what. The kind who makes me laugh especially when I hear his contagious chuckle. The kind who still listens when he has heard the same thing over and over again. The kind that supports me in all that I do.
The kind that makes me smile when I see him. The kind that teaches me how to be better. The kind that still makes me swoon.
The kind I am proud of and believe in.
The kind of husband that is also a good father.
He is the type of dad that sacrifices for his kids. The type of dad that is willing to spend time and then again more time with his kids.
The type of dad that unscrews the plumbing under the sink to find the lost tooth that went down the drain...and finds it.
The type of dad that always has kids in tow because they don't want to leave his side.
The type of dad that learned from his own father how to teach by words, just action.I love you babe! Here's to many more years and memories together!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sophia comes home

Her coming home outfit!
Sophia came home on Friday evening after a long and emotional day. Her pediatrician and the nurses in the hospital were unsure if she would come home. We were just waiting around to see what they would say. They still didn't know what was causing her high respiration and wanted to know how I felt about taking her home. Around 3:00 PM, they said she could come home with us. I was so happy and nervous at the same time.

It was stressful to me because there were no answers. They were unsure of what the problems were which makes my mind think crazy, scary things. The anxiety just gets to me and I can't calm down. I didn't know what problems I was looking for and then what to do if I noticed anything unusual. The first night she was home, I had a panic attack because she seemed to be breathing rapidly. I could not fall asleep or take my eyes off her. Then, she woke up with a high-pitched scream and was gagging. Luckily I remembered to use the bulb syringe to suck mucous out of her throat so she could breathe. I was really stressed and anxious so we called the nursery at the hospital. A really sweet and helpful nurse told me what to do and look for. After that I asked Eric to give Sophia and I blessings. It made such a difference and we were all able to sleep after that. What would I do without Eric?! He calmed me down and comforted me.

In the end, all is well. Her pediatrician wanted to see her today to check up on her. It was a great visit and everything looks good. She is 7 lbs. 10 oz, just one ounce shy of her birth weight. Her lungs and heart sound good. The pediatrician said she still doesn't have an answer for what caused Sophia to have problems but I am just grateful that she is healthy!

The boys were so happy to have her home. They have been so sweet, always wanting to hold her. Ty says, "mom, can I 'holdge' her?" They have both been so helpful and sweet. So far they have been getting me diapers, wipes, bottles and wanting to feed her. I never thought they would adore her this much. I hope it stays that way!
It has been more fun than I thought to dress her everyday. And, the bows, oh the bows! That little shop at the mall is going to be seeing a lot more of me.
Grandma Dianne and Sophia.
I love this lady bug outfit from my sisters!
Talon wants one of these cozy blankets for himself. I don't think he cares that its pink with hearts on it because its just too cozy.
She was looking at me this morning and gave me the biggest smile. I know they say it's gas when they smile, but I'm taking it as a personal smile from daughter to mother. When she gave me that grin I noticed that she might have Eric's dimple! You only see it when he laughs and I love it. I can't get enough of this little girl! I don't think the euphoria of having her has worn off yet.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on Sophia

Sophia has been having a little trouble with her respiration. She is breathing too quickly and so we are still at the hospital. They are letting us do a "hotel stay" so we can be close to her. She is not able to leave the Special Care Nursery until she can breath better and eat on her own. She has an IV but no food for the moment. I hope that tomorrow she will be healthy enough to go home, but it all depends on how well she does. It is a waiting game right now and they are trying to figure out why she is breathing so quickly. I feel like she will be healthy soon and we will get to bring her home, but any prayers for her would be appreciated. Thank you to all my sweet friends and family!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Sophia!!!

Baby Sophia was born on Tuesday, July 28th at 12:48 PM. She weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. and was 20.5 inches long.
We named her Sophia and the middle name is still to be decided. We are thinking of maybe Kay, which is my mom's middle name or maybe Olive which is Eric's mom's name. Maybe Olivia...we are not sure yet. It took me a while to decide if the name fit her. I knew it was right when each time I looked at her and called her Sophia, I got choked up. It must be her name.

Everything went so well! Here I am before the last time with her in my belly!
I had the best nurse, Bobbye! She was amazing and so helpful...loved her!
My awesome doctor, Dr. Russell Smith
For people like me, here are the details...We arrived at 8:15 to be induced at Alta View Hospital. I was dilated to a 4 when I arrived. They got me all set up and started the pitocin at 9:15 AM and then broke my water at 9:30. The contractions didn't get too strong until 10:40 or so. I got the epidural around 11: 30. Shortly after that I was a 5 and I was still feeling intense pain and struggling through the contractions, so I got another dose. I went from a 5 to a 9 in about 40 minutes and we got ready to push. Dr. Russell Smith came down and got ready to deliver. He sat down at 12:45, I pushed 3 times and she was born 3 minutes later at 12:48! I would deliver a baby any is so amazing!!!! They put her on my belly and the euphoria began!
She swallowed a bunch of fluid and so I was a little concerned. I didn't want to have the same experience that I had with Talon (he aspirated fluid into his lungs and it really messed up our initial bonding and we were so worried about him). She was breathing and just coughing up a bunch of fluid whereas Talon was purple and wasn't breathing. So, I thought she would be ok, but I was still on edge.
They had to take her to the nursery and watch her respirations and heart rate for a few hours. I was really hoping that the kids would be able to hold her, but she was still in the nursery and only parents and grandparents were allowed.
They saw her through this glass door that was actually supposed to remain closed, but it was open for some reason and the kids got a good look at her. Tyler asked me, "mommy, who is that? Is she coming our house?"
Around 4 PM the kids were about to leave but we heard a knock at the door and in came baby Sophia! So, they all got to hold her after all and it was so great. Talon and Tyler were so precious with her. They kept asking when they could hold her and when they could hold her again. I loved seeing my boys that melted my heart. She had so many visitors and we loved it!

My sweet boys :)

Cousin Tatum...
Cousin Sage
Cousin Seth
Aunt Rachelle
Grandma Dianne
Grandpa West
Me and my sweet sistersKristy and Emma
Great grandpa and grandma Drumiler
Grandma has a special way with babies. She adores them and talks and sings so sweetly to them.I just love this little girl. She has already made space in my heart for her.

Here is our new little family!