Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Herd

I love watching kids soccer. It reminds me of a pack of wild animals running through the fields. There is very little separation from the ball. The herd moves where the little round white thing goes. If it goes out of bounds all the kids are out of bounds. If it crosses into another playing field you can bet at least 5 of the 8 are chasing it down. You can hold practices or tell them what to do, but as soon as its game time all soccer logic is out the window. There is no passing or shooting, its dribble or kick it towards the goal and hope that it rolls in. We love watching Talon play. He loves running around with his buddies trying to score goals. He gets to play with his cousin Seth and a few other players from a previous team. This is a new team and hopefully they do better than they did in previous years. I think this year his team might be one of the older ones and that is definitely an advantage. We took a few pictures today of them playing, we hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

California August 2007

We took a very long vacation in California. To save some time and brain cells I am going to give the quick and easy run down of events.

Drove to Vegas, Jaynann went to the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Concert. Drove to Merced, hung out with friends and family, went swimming, went to Great America, went to Snelling to help build a deck, golfed with Ganon and Dave, hung out with friends and family again. Jaynann went to Texas to see Christian, Jaynann came back to Merced, hung out with Daniel and Rachel in Roseville. We went back to Merced and became very lazy and did the same stuff I mentioned before. Great trip, kids were great in the car, and we finally have some responsibility at home since Dave and Mom took care of us so well.

Check the pics...

Jaynann with Diana and her sister at the
Tim & Faith Pre-Show.

Faith up-close at the Pre-Show

Tim at the Pre-Show

Tim and Faith mixin it up

Jaynann says he is the "sexiest man on stage"

I had so much fun at this concert. I love their music!

Talon and his cousin Destiny

Talon at Grandma & Grandpa Crawford's pool

Tyler with Buddy in grandma & grandpa's backyard

Grandma and Talon at Great America

Tyler at Great America

Talon loved the rides

Looks like Jay is scared more than Talon is

Grandpa and Grandma Crawford with the kids at
Great America. Thanks guys!

At the train museum in Old Sacramento

Christian's graduation from the Air Force was so
great! All of us were there to support him. I am
so proud to have a brother serving our country!

My mom and three brothers! We went to
Six Flags and they won those basketballs.

My sister Kim and I outside of one of the rides.
We all had a blast going on all the rides together.
I felt like a little kid running around and hurrying
to the front of the line.

Talon munching on raw almonds at Uncle Jim
and Aunt Susie's Almond Orchard in Snelling, CA

Grandpa and Talon riding the tractor
the orchard. Eric's dad used to drive
this exact
same tractor when he was young
on Eric's
grandpa's almond orchard. Eric's aunt and uncle
down this same tractor and fixed it up.
It had
been about40 years since he had driven it.

Eric and the boys hopped on with grandpa
and it was pretty cool to see 3 generations on it.

Did I mention that we drove? Thank goodness for
a DVD player in the car!