Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on Sophia

Sophia has been having a little trouble with her respiration. She is breathing too quickly and so we are still at the hospital. They are letting us do a "hotel stay" so we can be close to her. She is not able to leave the Special Care Nursery until she can breath better and eat on her own. She has an IV but no food for the moment. I hope that tomorrow she will be healthy enough to go home, but it all depends on how well she does. It is a waiting game right now and they are trying to figure out why she is breathing so quickly. I feel like she will be healthy soon and we will get to bring her home, but any prayers for her would be appreciated. Thank you to all my sweet friends and family!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Sophia!!!

Baby Sophia was born on Tuesday, July 28th at 12:48 PM. She weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. and was 20.5 inches long.
We named her Sophia and the middle name is still to be decided. We are thinking of maybe Kay, which is my mom's middle name or maybe Olive which is Eric's mom's name. Maybe Olivia...we are not sure yet. It took me a while to decide if the name fit her. I knew it was right when each time I looked at her and called her Sophia, I got choked up. It must be her name.

Everything went so well! Here I am before the last time with her in my belly!
I had the best nurse, Bobbye! She was amazing and so helpful...loved her!
My awesome doctor, Dr. Russell Smith
For people like me, here are the details...We arrived at 8:15 to be induced at Alta View Hospital. I was dilated to a 4 when I arrived. They got me all set up and started the pitocin at 9:15 AM and then broke my water at 9:30. The contractions didn't get too strong until 10:40 or so. I got the epidural around 11: 30. Shortly after that I was a 5 and I was still feeling intense pain and struggling through the contractions, so I got another dose. I went from a 5 to a 9 in about 40 minutes and we got ready to push. Dr. Russell Smith came down and got ready to deliver. He sat down at 12:45, I pushed 3 times and she was born 3 minutes later at 12:48! I would deliver a baby any is so amazing!!!! They put her on my belly and the euphoria began!
She swallowed a bunch of fluid and so I was a little concerned. I didn't want to have the same experience that I had with Talon (he aspirated fluid into his lungs and it really messed up our initial bonding and we were so worried about him). She was breathing and just coughing up a bunch of fluid whereas Talon was purple and wasn't breathing. So, I thought she would be ok, but I was still on edge.
They had to take her to the nursery and watch her respirations and heart rate for a few hours. I was really hoping that the kids would be able to hold her, but she was still in the nursery and only parents and grandparents were allowed.
They saw her through this glass door that was actually supposed to remain closed, but it was open for some reason and the kids got a good look at her. Tyler asked me, "mommy, who is that? Is she coming our house?"
Around 4 PM the kids were about to leave but we heard a knock at the door and in came baby Sophia! So, they all got to hold her after all and it was so great. Talon and Tyler were so precious with her. They kept asking when they could hold her and when they could hold her again. I loved seeing my boys that melted my heart. She had so many visitors and we loved it!

My sweet boys :)

Cousin Tatum...
Cousin Sage
Cousin Seth
Aunt Rachelle
Grandma Dianne
Grandpa West
Me and my sweet sistersKristy and Emma
Great grandpa and grandma Drumiler
Grandma has a special way with babies. She adores them and talks and sings so sweetly to them.I just love this little girl. She has already made space in my heart for her.

Here is our new little family!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Can you say Nesting?!!

For the last several months we have been living in a chaotic mess! I started too many projects all at once and have been a stressed out, manic little birdie. We've been able to get lots of the projects done and now I can finally chill out! Eric is hoping and praying that the insanity will stop.

It all started several months ago with Eric building these nice wood shelves in our 2 closets so that I could have better organization. They are fabulous and make such a difference!
After everything was put away and in a good spot, we decided we were going to make the toy room the baby's room instead of putting her in with the boys. That meant...the closets had to be rearranged again...
We also got some bunk beds from a friend and they are perfect! We put them together and the boys love them. Another project...moving things around, finding new places for toys and making the bedding work.
On to the next project...painting the crib and the glider. My sweet friend gave me a glider that she was done with. We decided to paint both things white to look cute with her bedding. I had another friend make new slip covers for the cushions to match her pink room.

Here is the rocker before...
Next up, food organization...Eric built shelves in the armoire so that we could use it better as a pantry. Another project for me...organize all the food and rearrange all the cupboards.Then, I cleaned and organized my fridge and freezer! I also cleaned underneath the disgusting and it was not on purpose. Eric pulled it out and I immediately said, "stop! know I will have to clean under there if I see it!" I would have rather remained in the dark on that one. Of course now that its clean, it was worth it.
Now, for the nursery...

This has been really fun because I haven't ever decorated a nursery before. Here is what it looked like before, when it was the toy room...
Here it is in progress...
The best "honey-doer" around...he gets the job done and does it well.
Here is her room still in progress...
And it's finally finished!
Time for the baby to get here!

Now we are both perfectly exhausted just in time for a newborn, he is probably done with projects forever, and we can't actually live in our house or it will all get messed up! But its all worth it. Right honey? He has been so great to do all this for me. I am so excited to have things in order before the baby gets here! Thanks are the best!