Thursday, February 14, 2008

No Way That Just Happened

Tyler has done some growing up this past week. We are very proud of our Half Pint. It all started with going to the hospital to have some dental work done. He was very brave and silly all at the same time. They gave him some medicine to make him slap happy and he put on a show for all of us, he did not disappoint. The second accomplishment was dropping his afternoon nap. It has been crazy with him falling asleep at 6pm and sleeping until 8 the next morning to going to bed at 10 pm and waking up from 2-5 am ready for the day. We never know what were going to get, but its all part of growing up. Lastly, we lost all 100 of his binkys and he finally went a few days without mentioning a word about it. Many people have tried to take it away from him, especially his Grandma Crawford who probably thought he should have dropped it two years ago, but no one could wrestle it away from his Kung Fu grip. Since Tyler has dropped those three things we thought for sure we were losing our little baby.
Tonight the doorbell rang while we were watching a movie and our neighbor Logan came over to say he found a binky at his house. So I thought no big deal no one heard that, but sure enough I look down and he is holding it out for the world to see. It was very subtle, but in my mind it felt like he was jumping up and down screaming, "I FOUND YOUR BINKY TYLER COME AND GET IT!" I tried to swipe it out of his hands but it was too late. Tyler had seen it and ran across the room yelling BINKYYYYY! As soon as he grabbed it he cradled it in his hands and said, "I wub you binky, I wub you." How can I take it away from him when he does something that cute? I have asked him a few times if I can have it and he just puts it in his pocket without a word. I don't know what to do, but I would be the worlds worst father if I took it away from him after the exchange he had with the bink after reuniting .

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snowed In!

Holy SNOW! I have not seen this much nonstop snow since I was in college at BYU in 96. I remember one week where it snowed for a week straight and school was still not canceled!

So, I was surprised this morning when we got a strange phone call from someone in our ward. He told me that church was canceled because of the Superbowl, well I knew that wasn't true, but then he said church was canceled because of the snow...excuse me? Are you sure? You know that we are in Utah right? And church is across the street from most of us?

Yep, I wasn't hearing was canceled. I guess there are firsts for everything. It was my day to teach in Young Womens and it was fast Sunday. Someone heard my prayer.

Eric and his manly friends have been shoveling all morning for the entire neighborhood. Tyler wanted to be with dad, no matter the cost. I showed him the outfit and he fought it at first, but he'd do anything to be outside with dad.

While we've been snowed in, we have been playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii. Nothing like that game to bring back memories of 1-ups, fireballs, 100 extra guys, fireworks when you jump on 3 and 6 and warp zones. I played that game with my brothers, John and Daniel, nonstop. We loved it and it's still just as fun. Eric and I were laughing as we realized that Eric's ability is not quite at the same level as it used to be when he was 10. But he still has some mad skills. Check him out...

Look at him getting 100 extra lives! I could never do that, he is my idol.