Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snowed In!

Holy SNOW! I have not seen this much nonstop snow since I was in college at BYU in 96. I remember one week where it snowed for a week straight and school was still not canceled!

So, I was surprised this morning when we got a strange phone call from someone in our ward. He told me that church was canceled because of the Superbowl, well I knew that wasn't true, but then he said church was canceled because of the snow...excuse me? Are you sure? You know that we are in Utah right? And church is across the street from most of us?

Yep, I wasn't hearing was canceled. I guess there are firsts for everything. It was my day to teach in Young Womens and it was fast Sunday. Someone heard my prayer.

Eric and his manly friends have been shoveling all morning for the entire neighborhood. Tyler wanted to be with dad, no matter the cost. I showed him the outfit and he fought it at first, but he'd do anything to be outside with dad.

While we've been snowed in, we have been playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii. Nothing like that game to bring back memories of 1-ups, fireballs, 100 extra guys, fireworks when you jump on 3 and 6 and warp zones. I played that game with my brothers, John and Daniel, nonstop. We loved it and it's still just as fun. Eric and I were laughing as we realized that Eric's ability is not quite at the same level as it used to be when he was 10. But he still has some mad skills. Check him out...

Look at him getting 100 extra lives! I could never do that, he is my idol.


Anika said...

Fun! I love snowy days- however I didn't love that we had to drive to Spanish Fork in it for the Super Bowl! lol!

Rachel said...

geez! that looks fun/pretty and also a real pain if you have to go anywhere. Did you guys stay home for the super bowl? wasn't that an awesome game. The ultrasound is Thursday at 5:45 pm. I will post on my blog when I get back to let everyone know. Good memory.

Jeff and Diana said...

ya i missed that storm and any storm in the past few weeks. i love the feeling of being snowed in. it's a free pass to be lazy and not feel bad about it. although i did not get that sensation this time because i am a prisoner in my own bed! i bet your boys are loving the snow!

Jessica said...

Fun pictures! Come visit anytime, we are wearing shorts and flip flops! We love visitors!