Thursday, March 5, 2009

We are having a...

...GIRL!! We have some of the nicest friends ever! Jeff and Diana took us out to yummy sushi and then said, "let's go find out what you are having...our treat." We were planning on waiting for the ultrasound in my doctors office (1 1/2 weeks away). They said they couldn't wait! We went over to the mall to Fetal Studio and the OB who did the ultrasound stayed open late for us. It was the most fun, spontaneous thing! We are still in shock! I asked him to check and make sure there wasn't anything hiding and he said he was 200% sure, three little white lines. He also said she has big lips. Nice, no botox for her. Can they really tell??
Eric's face was so sweet. We were both teary-eyed. Even before we found out if it was a girl or a boy I was starting to cry. Just seeing her little face, bones, spine and movements is so special and amazing. It reminds me what a miracle it is and really bonds me to her. So, to end the evening right, we bought a few bows for her. I can't believe I just bought bows! :)