Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Jay!

WE LOVE YOU. Talon, Tyler and Eric

Jay we hope you have a great day. I asked the kids today what they wanted to say to you for your birthday and Tyler said in a singing voice, "happy birthday to you!" Talon immediately followed with, "I love my mom because she does everything for us."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where does the time go?

A few fun events that are somewhat or maybe not very, recent...

We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon one day and the boys loved it. They ran around and played in the stream all day.

My baby Talon is all grown up. He looks so old in this photo! My sweetheart.
My cute love-bug, Ty...always being silly.

Talon's first day of 1st Grade! (yes, I know it's October). Have I mentioned that I am a slow blogger?
Tyler playing on the playground after Talon went inside to his classroom.

Tyler and I were crying. We missed him. We were so sad to have him gone all day. When we passed his school around noon (when we used to pick him up from Kindergarten) Ty said, "get Talon school." It was so sad. He started crying and didn't understand why we weren't going to get him yet. It was a long day.

Here he is, done with the first day! He was sweat, mom.

Right on time, daddy called to see how Talon's first day was.

I love this photo. The boys missed each other so much. Talon comforted Tyler because he knew that he missed him all day.

Joy School, here we come...

Going to school got a little easier on Tyler because he started joy school. It is the cutest thing! He loves it and always takes his "pack-pack". He was sad the first day when he realized that he was not going to the same school as Talon. But now he says, "I go school, different one" and he loves his "pack-pack wike Tawon".

This is for Renee and anyone else who loves to new mountain bike. It's a 29er Vassago Bandersnatch. Isn't she pretty?
It took forever to get here so I have only been riding it since August. I am not very into the technical stuff about the bike, I leave that to Eric, but I will say that it's heavier than my Ibis. I am hoping to eventually get a lighter wheel set, but it rides so smooth and I love the disc brakes. It rolls over everything and I have a lock-out on the shock that seemed silly at first, but I am really liking it.

I had hoped to do at least one mountain bike race, but the race season was mostly during the summer when I didn't have my bike. I know, I know...excuses, excuses. The absolute, naked truth is that I am scared to death of mountain bike racing. I have an intense desire to race, but I'm afraid the pre-race panic will kill me first. I have done 100 mile road rides, Hill climbs and triathlons, but I am terrified of mountain bike races. Years ago, I did a race with a good friend of mine, Lizzy, and I got sick half way through. I didn't finish and that has always bugged me. I will make it up one day.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here's to Ten Years Together

On August 22, we celebrated 10 years of marriage together.
On our actual anniversary, we ate at Outback and then drove around in my mom's fancy BMW convertible.
A few weeks later, for the real celebration, we went up to Park City. We had high hopes of riding Tour de Suds in Deer Valley all day and got hailed on instead. I mean, we really have bad luck. Every time we try to plan something extra special, there is a kink. I have to learn to roll with the punches...stupid punches.

Here we are, all happy before the rain and hail...Park City, here we come...
More bad luck...Is this the smallest couch you have ever seen? Is there any way we could have both fit on that couch comfortably? Maybe I could have perched myself on the back of the couch.
And look at this tiny tub! However, I did enjoy a nice bubble bath while Eric watched some football.
Oh and did I mention that we couldn't see the TV from the bed. The couch obviously wasn't going to work so we had to figure out another option. Luckily Eric thought to bring the laptop for movie watching. And guess what we watched? Pride and Prejudice! It was such a sweet gesture since I know he's not a big fan or really a fan at all of wordy, accent-y, slow chick flicks. Bonus: he even stayed awake.

So, a few more things on the upside...

We shopped all day at the outlets and Eric was a good sport. Towards the end, he decided to wait outside...
We saw a double rainbow (although you can only see one in the picture) and we could actually see the beginning/end of it! I have never seen the origination point of a rainbow.This was too funny...we were in a soap/lotion shop and we washed our hands using the whole 4 step process. Eric could not get over how soft his hands felt. "Wow...I mean, feel my hands, they are so soft!"
We had a delicious dinner at Prime Steakhouse on Main Street. I think it was the best steak I have ever had...perfectly flavored and cooked. And if you like red onion, I had a salad with red onion and juicy tomato slices with blue cheese smothered on top. Oh, it was delish. To top it off the grilled vegetables were succulent and melted in my mouth.

To finish off the weekend we ate lunch at a French Bistro and walked down Main Street.

What can I say about the one I love the most? I still get butterflies when I see him. I can't go a day without talking to him every few hours. His laugh is contagious. His smile, heartwarming. When it comes down to it, he is a softy.
He is the perfect dad for our boys. He loves to play with them and gives them the love they need.
I love riding with him. He pulls me to the top and scares me to death going down.

The bummer about getting photos of riding is that you don't usually get photos of actual riding. This is a technical stair climb that he missed this time, but its such a cute pic.
Eric has seen me in many circumstances...from my most vulnerable and terrifying moments to my most happy and delighted ones. The best part is that he is still by my side loving me through it all. And for that I am grateful. Here's to forever together. Love you babe.