Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where does the time go?

A few fun events that are somewhat or maybe not very, recent...

We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon one day and the boys loved it. They ran around and played in the stream all day.

My baby Talon is all grown up. He looks so old in this photo! My sweetheart.
My cute love-bug, Ty...always being silly.

Talon's first day of 1st Grade! (yes, I know it's October). Have I mentioned that I am a slow blogger?
Tyler playing on the playground after Talon went inside to his classroom.

Tyler and I were crying. We missed him. We were so sad to have him gone all day. When we passed his school around noon (when we used to pick him up from Kindergarten) Ty said, "get Talon school." It was so sad. He started crying and didn't understand why we weren't going to get him yet. It was a long day.

Here he is, done with the first day! He was sweat, mom.

Right on time, daddy called to see how Talon's first day was.

I love this photo. The boys missed each other so much. Talon comforted Tyler because he knew that he missed him all day.

Joy School, here we come...

Going to school got a little easier on Tyler because he started joy school. It is the cutest thing! He loves it and always takes his "pack-pack". He was sad the first day when he realized that he was not going to the same school as Talon. But now he says, "I go school, different one" and he loves his "pack-pack wike Tawon".

This is for Renee and anyone else who loves to new mountain bike. It's a 29er Vassago Bandersnatch. Isn't she pretty?
It took forever to get here so I have only been riding it since August. I am not very into the technical stuff about the bike, I leave that to Eric, but I will say that it's heavier than my Ibis. I am hoping to eventually get a lighter wheel set, but it rides so smooth and I love the disc brakes. It rolls over everything and I have a lock-out on the shock that seemed silly at first, but I am really liking it.

I had hoped to do at least one mountain bike race, but the race season was mostly during the summer when I didn't have my bike. I know, I know...excuses, excuses. The absolute, naked truth is that I am scared to death of mountain bike racing. I have an intense desire to race, but I'm afraid the pre-race panic will kill me first. I have done 100 mile road rides, Hill climbs and triathlons, but I am terrified of mountain bike races. Years ago, I did a race with a good friend of mine, Lizzy, and I got sick half way through. I didn't finish and that has always bugged me. I will make it up one day.


kjehansen said...

Your boys are so cute. Tyler looks just like your Mom (I think). I can't believe Talon is in First Grade. Happy Anniversary too!

Tracey said...

Just do a race you'll be great.

Wikler Family said...

Your family is so cute! I can't believe how much Talon looks like Eric and Tyler looks like you. We need to get together the next time we come up to UT. I miss you!

The Richards in Canada said...

Thanks for the bike picture! I'll have to try it out one day! I think I need a new bike but really my Jamis is working just fine...other than still having issues with the disc brakes...anywho...I probably shouldn't ride a new bike....I might start coveting it! So you HAVE to do a MTN. Bike race...I totally understand the race anxiety! Miss you!

Rachel said...

your boys are adorable. Tyler looks all big in his little joy school pictures. I need to get Luke into something like that. Maybe in our next home. Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas. It already feels like it has been so long since we were there.

Tatum said...

loved your last 2 blogs with all
the great pics! Two of the cutest
boys ever! Eric probably comforted
Justin like Talon did with Tyler
in the pic after school!


Rick Sunderlage said...

Jay, you will make it up one day, I have no doubts. Those pictures are so sweet. Watching your kids love each other is one of the most tender moments of life. Thanks for sharing.