Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy 11 years!

Friends beware...this post is going to be cheesy. You don't have to read why I love my husband. In fact, I guarantee that he would prefer me not to post all the great things about him, but I will do it anyway.

This was on the beach in Carmel, California right after he proposed to me.
Today we celebrate 11 years together. How can I describe them? So many things have changed yet so much has stayed the same. Our life together has had many challenges as well as many good times and I'm lucky to have someone I love to share it with. There have been circumstances in our lives that have made us cry and other things that have made us laugh. And still we are here...together and that means the most to me.
Eric is the kind that loves to see me happy. The kind of husband that doesn't ask for much. The kind of husband that shows me he loves me by words, but actions.
The kind of husband that does things he doesn't want to do for the good of our family.
The kind that is loyal and loves me no matter what. The kind who makes me laugh especially when I hear his contagious chuckle. The kind who still listens when he has heard the same thing over and over again. The kind that supports me in all that I do.
The kind that makes me smile when I see him. The kind that teaches me how to be better. The kind that still makes me swoon.
The kind I am proud of and believe in.
The kind of husband that is also a good father.
He is the type of dad that sacrifices for his kids. The type of dad that is willing to spend time and then again more time with his kids.
The type of dad that unscrews the plumbing under the sink to find the lost tooth that went down the drain...and finds it.
The type of dad that always has kids in tow because they don't want to leave his side.
The type of dad that learned from his own father how to teach by words, just action.I love you babe! Here's to many more years and memories together!


Rachelle Sunderlage said...

Congratulations! So sweet, thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great post! Sophia is darling by the way!

Jeff and Diana said...

that is so dang cute. eric you look so young! nice tribute to your marriage jay.
i need to come over this week. i am missing little sophia. love those them!

Garrett-Ashley & our Peanuts said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Almost double the years garrett and I have been married. Well done, what a wonderful tribute to a great person. I am glad that we have gotton to see you and your cute family grow over the past four plus years. You two are a great team and compliment each other well.

Annie said...

Happy 11 years!!! You guys have a stunningly beautiful family. And how 'bout that little girl? Isn't it just the BEST. For the first little while after ivie was born it was like a happy little surprise every time I changed her diaper. That sounds really retarded but I bet you know what I mean. Glad to hear you're doing well. You look amazing by the way.

Taryn and the boys said...

jay your killing me i saw a picture of little sophia on ash's blog a while ago and she is so gorgeous!! you need to post some new pictures of her. hope all is well! happy 2010.