Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hotel Pajaro

Recently Talon has been wanting do build things out of wood. Just about every night just before he is about to fall asleep he will call me into his room to tell me that he wants to build something in the morning after school. Normally he will come up with something clever to build. Some of the ideas he has come up with are: a bumble bee catcher, a bionicle house, or a box for the Gamecube so that Tyler does not turn it off while he is playing. Some of the things he asks to build or put together are the same things I wanted my dad to build. I used to grab my dad's tools out of the garage and I always wanted to know why he would get mad when I did. I finally understand why, it's because when the tools leave the garage there is a very good chance that it does not get returned.

Anyway, Talon wanted to build something and we decided to do a bird house. We probably could have bought one for a few dollars more, but this was excellent father-son time. He helped make some cuts, put in some nails and paint it. He was a very good helper and I could not have finished it with out him. Even though it is late in the season and many of the song birds are gone, we will get the occasional Blue Jay or Robin stop by and get a piece of the buffet. We cannot wait until the spring to see all the little birds come to our house for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check out a few pictures we took of us building the house.


Rachel said...

cute! I want one of those when I have a real yard. that is so cute. Working on projects with Dad is something Talon will remember forever.