Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jones Soda

We are very lucky to be in the neighborhood we live in now. We have been all over the map in Utah and probably set a record by moving about 9 times in 9 years. In each place we have lived we have found great friends. All of our neighbors here are great and one of them works at Jones Soda. He is one of Talon's favorite neighbors for a few reasons. 1. He lights fireworks all year. 2. He is the nicest guy in the world. 3. He gives Talon all the Jones Soda a kid would want. It's endless. No I'm serious. Just when we run out, he re-stocks our supply with more four packs of soda. I figure at 5 bucks a four pack, we are indebted to him for more than $500. It just does not end with drinks either, we've received shirts, balls, hats, and sweat-shirts. Now, he is either the nicest guy in the world or a really good salesman because when we are at the store Talon points out every Jones Soda stand.

Jones is one of those retro soda companies that try to do things on a smaller scale which makes them very unique. They do a million cool spiffs and promos for their company. A few weeks ago our neighbor gave me a coupon for a customized Jones Soda bottle. So I went online and filled out the order form and submitted a picture of the kids to have put on the bottle. Little did I know that it would be one of the coolest things in the world. I thought it was going to be one bottle of soda, but they sent us twelve bottles. This will be one of those things that Talon and Tyler can share the rest of their lives, that is, if we can keep them from drinking all of them.

On the back of the bottles it had a spot to add a quote. This is what we put on the back, "all for one and one for all My brother and My friend. What fun we have. The time we share. Brother till the end." We just want to say thanks to Scott for being such a great neighbor and friend to us and especially Talon. As many times as Talon has been over to see what you are doing to you letting him draw on your walls or help wash your car, you've been the coolest dude around. Thanks again for all the hookups.


bechtold clan said...

Love that! what a great idea!

Carrie said...

Cute brothers. Our friends had a bunch of it for a wedding, the colors were brown and blue and the soda was the perfect blue! Yummy too. Fun idea.

Rachel said...

so cute! did you make that poem up? very good!!

The Gaoirans said...

No I did not make up the poem. I found it on internet somewhere. There was not an author, should I claim it?