Friday, September 7, 2007


Before I got married, rarely would I scour the cupboards looking for a treat unless it was my mom's almond roca. Jaynann loves to bake and that has become a bad combination for me in the past few years. I will admit that I used to eat a bunch of junk food and my grandmother would always deep fry whatever she was making; whether it was lumpia, hamburgers, or burritos we could count on it being deep fried in oil. So, if you add those bad habits to chocolate chip cookies, cakes, or any other chocolate treat you will get a 200 lb. Eric. Luckily, I have learned to control those habits and the weight has gone down a lot, but I still have a craving for a piece of chocolate after a meal.

As much as I love the baking and try to avoid it, Jay has become quite the baker. In fact, our kids have lucked out because they will always get a special cake for their birthday or a special treat from mom on a special occasion. Below are a few masterpieces Jay has put together. Please be aware that you could gain a few pounds just by looking at the pictures.

Jay made orange cream, vanilla cream and peanut butter cream
eggs for Easter. Everyone got one with their name on it.

Tyler's favorite movie is Monsters Inc and she made this Mike Wasowski look-a-like
Tyler loved his cake!
Talon had a Pirate Birthday Bash and she made this treasure cake

Here is a dump truck filled with goodies, the dirt is cake and the worms are gummy!!
We are so lucky to have a talented chef.


Rachel said...

YUMM!!! I love the dump truck idea. That puts Luke's ambiguous ball birthday cake to shame =). Tyler looks all buffed out at his 2 yr party. cute boys!!

The Gaoirans said...

Rach-you make me laugh! I would love to see the ambiguous ball cake.

Carrie said...

Yum! My husband doesn't like most desserts...would rather have a second or third helping of baking in our house is limited to birthdays or maybe goodies for Visiting Teaching/Home Teaching friends. Jaynann's lucky Gaoi enjoys the goods, it's more fun to bake when there is eager anticipation:)

Nate & Anika said...

So, on my birthday I want a bug YANKEES cake from Chef Jay!!! lol!

Anonymous said...

Eric you are the sweetest husband in the world! I love this blog! And I do miss Jay's treats.