Sunday, September 23, 2007


CAUTION to Wii players everywhere: a remote when thrown with force may cause pain.

Unfortunately for him, Talon is just as accident prone as I am. He has always run into walls and joke. I played Wii baseball with him the other day, the remote strap was attached as shown and we started pitching and swinging. The excitement must have been too much and oops, there goes the remote flying towards me. So keep arms, hands and feet inside at all times and watch for flying Wii remotes.

PS-I am sure you are wondering why there are no pictures of me and Talon playing the Wii. Well, you have to take that up with Eric. Take pics of Jay, take pics of Jay, take pics of Jay...unless of course they are ugly.


Rachel said...

yeah jay, I want to see pictures of you at the top of timp, next post. I love what you did with the wall. I have never seen the finished product. (I know it is impossible to get pictures of yourself as a mom because you're always the one taking the cute shots of dad and kids.) I think I have only about 5 of me since Luke was born and those are family pictures with all of us. Where's my chance to shine =)