Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!!!

On Friday September 7th, Oak Hollow Elementary held their annual "FUN RUN." They hold this event each year for the students to raise money for their school. So Talon went around asking friends and family for small donations. I thought this was just going to be a walk in the park, but it actually turned out to be a big deal. It was very well organized. They had music set up, police and ambulance escorts, and even the eagle mascot showed up for support. The run started from their school and twisted around neighborhoods totaling one mile. Thats right I said one mile. I thought for sure the ambulances and other help were going to have their hands full.
We started walking to the start area, and as soon as we got close Talon takes off running. I am with Tyler pushing the stroller and I thought it would be a breeze, but Talon is running so fast that he gets at least 150 yards on me in the first few minutes. With all the kids around I lose sight of Jay and Talon and I keep thinking I would catch them. The other disadvantage we had is that Utah has very few flat roads, so of course the first 1/2 mile is uphill. Finally at about the 1/2 mile marker they slowed down for me and as soon as Talon sees me, he is ready to start running again. He ran so fast and only walked a few times to the finish line. It was so fun to see all the kids out there enjoying the run. Tyler loved going fast in the stroller and Jay is always up for some sort of exercise. By the end, I was drenched in sweat, Tyler had a smile on his face, Jay and Talon were ready to go another mile!

Just a few pics from the race. Notice Jay is not in any of them? She makes me exclude her from all picture posting.
(Note from Jay: This is not true. Only ugly pictures are not allowed. He took 2 pictures and both were ugly. I deleted the first one as soon as he took it and the other one looks like I have no chin, just a long thick neck from my ears down to my shoulders. Generally that is a good look, but specifically it wasn't working for me)


Rachel said...

i saw jay's skinny waist in the first picture so you totally snuck her in there. good work. looks like fun. I miss those days when I could run a mile and not think twice about it. I can't run the length of my hall these days.

The Gaoirans said...

skinny waist, what? You must want some treats from me or something. It worked...chocolate, peanut butter, cookies, whatever you like.

Mimi said...

jaynann - I found your blog through michael and jen and was so excited to see what you are up to. Let me know your email and we can keep in touch.

The Richards in Canada said...
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The Richards in Canada said...

How much fun. Nali loves to run as well.
PS Jay, I hate ugly pictures as well...I can't imagine though you having an ugly picture.