Sunday, November 2, 2008

Talon lost his first tooth!!

It's true. He was eating an apple and told me it was loose. I didn't think he was serious. It took me by complete surprise that he would already be losing teeth! So, we have been wiggling it for about a week and this morning he said, "Where are those tweezy things". I said, "the tweezers?" Then he let me pull it out! His other front bottom tooth (Dr. Daniel and Rachel can tell me the correct name) is also loose. My baby is growing up.


Josh;HollyDecker said...

Hey, Kate would be so jelouse about the tooth. She is so anxious. Another milestone! Jay, I miss you guys much. We will be down for the whole week of Thanksgiving. Let's get together.

Taryn and the boys said...

Sam and I were talking about how old Isaac is getting the other day and how weird it will be just a few years from now when he's well old like Talon. They grow so fast I can't believe it. Sometimes I am glad they are getting older so fast and sometimes I wish they would just slow down.