Saturday, November 15, 2008

Photo Tag

Brendan, Seth and Talon (cousins) all looking at a Gameboy or something. So cute. These little boys are growing up. His chunkier cheeks remind me that he was only about 4 in this picture.

This is the 4th photo in the 4th folder in my pictures. Your turn.


Jeff and Diana said...

your october post was fun to look at. your costume was sexy! so you dressed up and eric didn't? lame.

Jaynann said...

I know, lame-o. I wish he would dress up. So sexy except that the feathers shed. Choking on the feathers would add to the sexiness.

Rick Sunderlage said...

I love that picture of the boys! So cute!

Debbie Thomas said...

I love that you let your boys be boys!!! You are such a great Mom. I miss you, lets go to lunch so we can talk. I swear we always have so much to talk about even when we don't see each other for so long. Your boys are so freaking cute. We used to make forts when we were little too.