Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm Alive (don't worry...NO SPOILERS)

Back from the dead...I finally finished all the books from the Twilight Series. Eric was seriously getting worried that our house might never get clean again and that we would go hungry. Yesterday he specifically asked me if I could get to the grocery store.

So, what did I think?...don't worry, NO SPOILERS HERE. I would never do that...(I'm saving it for the "comments" section.)

Apparently, some people don't mind spoiling it for me...usually people I hardly know. The book is just barely peeking out of my purse and someone asks me, "which one are you on?" Now, I do want to talk about it, but not the parts I haven't read yet! Seriously? Complete strangers decide they can spoil it for me. The cashier at Walmart starts telling me stuff even after I say, "please...don't tell me, I don't want to know anything...La la la la...I can't hear you." I could barely hold back my karate chop action. BTW-I am never going back to Walmart. Let's just say 35 minutes in line and a cashier who was not "all there" spoiling part of the book for me. I done with my obsession? Yes, of course. There is no way that I will go to the website to search out more information on my precious characters or to the "Twilight" movie website or to other people's blogs about that is for crazy obsessed fans. In fact, I am headed to the store...right now...for real...I promise, just not Walmart.

NOTE: I am very interested to see what you think about the book(s), so be prepared that in the COMMENTS, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!


Allyson said...

I just finished it as well. Only Greg was out of town all week- working in Draper, actually. So he didn't witness the neglect the kids and house got! :)I LOVED the book. I love happy endings, especially ones I don't guess. It was full of surprises. Are you going to watch the movie? I can't decide.

Taryn and the boys said...

Hey how are you guys? Just wanted to let you know I finally an blogging. I read the book but I finished it weeks ago and no one else was done. I didn't spoil it for anyone I promise. Crazy how it all worked out.

bechtold clan said...

read all of them as jonathan hooked! haha. Hes almost done...cant wait so we can chat about it you know:)

Jaynann said...

So, yes, I loved all the books. Twilight was so hyped that I didn't love it as much as expected, but I did like it.

I think that sometimes she drew the story out too much. I found myself skimming some of the detail to find the really interesting parts. Especially in Breaking Dawn with 750 pages! She could have cut to the chase a little quicker and I think it would have been better. The non-fight with the Volutri had little excitement. That could have played out differently...maybe someone should have gotten hurt or someone should have gotten Charlie, I don't know, just something exciting. I wasn't sure what she was planning on doing with the baby, so that was all a surprise to me. A lot of unexpected things that I enjoyed as well.

Several people said they were disappointed with the last book and I am curious why?

Allyson-Yes! I can't wait for the movie! The trailer looks awesome, I just hope the movie is as good. Funny that Greg was in Draper!

Taryn-I am so happy you have a blog! I will check it out. Did you like the ending?

Anika said...

I'm glad it's over. Can I have my book back? (I'll give your bike back... I'll give you a broken back!)

Debbie Thomas said...

Hey you!! Have you been riding? my tire is flat so I need to have it fixed. I miss you though. I really want to go sometime.

Melissa said... I am a terrible blogger. However, I may be an even worse BLOG reader. So, I haven't been on in awhile and lo and behold, I pull up your blog and we have identical wallpaper. Hillarious. Did you find yours on the Love that site.

Ok...I am dying to read this book but haven't had the time. I read all of the others but am waiting for a time that I can just have 3 uninterrupted days (vacation please). So, I just need to know if it is WORTH it. Did it live up to expectations? Tell me girl. :)

kjehansen said...

Nothing else really gets done when those books are being read, does it?