Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flaming Gorge

So we went to Flaming Gorge a few weeks ago... OK maybe a month ago. We had a great time with my family. It was beautiful, not crowded and clean. We had so much fun on the boat and cliff jumping. We also floated down the Green River and it was so pretty.
The cousins had a blast. My nephew, Brendan told his mom that it was more fun that Disneyland! You never say anything like that to Kristy. She loves Disneyland more than anyone I know! The cousins ran around together all day everyday from condo to condo. They loved being on the boat together too.
Talon got up on waterskiis!! He was so excited. His cousin Brendan did it first and set the bar. I couldn't believe he wanted to do it. My sister-in-law Kristy was so awesome. She got in the water with each kid and got them set up and held them upright. She did this for all the kids. I think I would have been terrified waiting in the water....remember my fear of water? She was so great! She waited in the water while they skied.
Talon was so funny. Once he got up on the water skis, we all started to cheer for him. So he started waving and giving thumbs up letting us know that he was "good". He had this self-confident grin on his face that still cracks me up.
This was fun, oh except for the pounding in my head from jumping. It still makes my head hurt. Of course Eric loved fear. In fact everybody loved it...

Kristy always makes it a party by bringing fun things for the kids. Um, Kristy...need some help?
The boys made it out on a ride...or two. Don't they look cute?
Thanks mom for a great trip!! We loved it!


Staffieri Family said...

Love the new look for your blog!!! You look so cute Jay, how do you do it! Love keeping up with you!

Dianne West said...

Jay, love your pic of you and Eric
on your "Date Night." Of course,I really enjoyed the Flaming Gorge
pictures too. Such great memories;
think we need to do it next year!
We got some great pictures, don't
you think? Love, Mom

Eric said...

That was fun. Should our next boating vacation be at Flaming Gorge again or should we head down to Lake Powell? I'm not into the whole houseboat idea, but it seems peeps are saying it is 10x better than Flaming.

Jaynann said...

Eric-yeah, I thought about posting a Lake Powell vs, Flaming Gorge so that we could hear why everyone loves Lake Powell so much!

Jill said...

I thought you would be interested in a new manual the church just published called, "Behold Your Little Ones." It is for nursery teachers, but will double as an amazing FHE tool for the younger kids. I put info on my FHE blog about it. I thought I'd let you know as well.

Tracey said...

Looks like so much fun. I wish I had gotten to see you when we were in UT.

Anika said...

More fun than Disneyland!???!!! Deleted.

Allyson said...

It's so fun to see pics of your boys! They are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

kjehansen said...

What a fun trip. I have never been there, but I have been to Lake Powell which is so fun. You guys do so many fun things, I love it. I also love that you guys talk to each other through your blog. You guys look great! And your kids are soooo cute.

Shawn said...

So great to see a picture of your Mom! Was that Christian with her? Amazing! Please tell her Hi from me and give her my blog address so she can read up on the Fam. and I.

I would love to see her again!!
Your family is the cutest!