Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brother Moments

So, some days motherhood pays it forward. The other morning before Talon was going to school I went into the front room and found Tyler laying on Talon's back. They were watching a show, cozy as could be, neither one complaining.

This morning I was trying to get a little more shut-eye on the couch (thanks to our early risers) and I heard them talking to each other.

Tyler- "Talon?...I wuv you."
Talon- "I love you."

My heart melted.

The other day, Talon was helping Tyler get dressed. Tyler wanted to match Talon, exactly. He wanted shorts and a t-shirt just like Talon's. They even had to be the same color as his. It was all I could do to not tear up right then and there. Watching Talon help Tyler get his little shorts and t-shirt on was so sweet a moment between brothers.

Of course they also wrestle and bug each other all the time. They start laughing and end crying. It makes me laugh. I love watching them play.

I tried to get a good shot of the boys together. No chance. Is it possible to get two little boys to take a nice picture in their matching outfits? I just want ONE! Of course, they have to be perfectly smiling, eyes open, with the perfect background all at the same time . Is it that hard? Am I asking too much?...maybe.

Talon was getting his allergy tests the other day. It can be painful when they use toothpick-like instruments to poke your back. He started to cry a little bit in the doctor's office. Tyler went over to him and said in his compassionate voice, "You okay Talon? Okay?" Then he looked at the nurse and in his low, raspy angry voice, he said "you, don hurr my brudder!" (you, don't hurt my brother!) This is the same voice he uses to tell me and anyone else "you, go corner!" for a time-out. It's a very froggy, Yoda-like voice. He is very protective of his brudder.

(PS-the blue lips are not Talon's new look...just a very potent blue sucker.)

wants to be just like his big brother, Talon. He says and does everything that Talon does. Talon is good to allow his younger brother to play with him and his friends. He is always making sure that Tyler is OK.

All these moments make motherhood worth it.


Mimi said...

I haven't checked your blog in forever. Tyler looks so much like you! Don't you love those moments - you have to savor those good ones in your mind to help you through those other not so good moments. Love seeing you family.

Rachel said...

Even those the pictures are not "perfect" as you put it, they're pretty dang close. I love the ones of them snuggling. Tyler is so funny. I can't wait to see you guys and get our boys together for some crazy fun. This was such a cute post. Seriously LOVE all the pictures.

kjehansen said...

They are so cute. I love snuggle pictures. How adorable. I don't know what is wrong with my blog. Nothing on my end is wrong, but a few people have told me they are having trouble. I don't know. Hopefully it will start working. If not, we just found out we are having a boy!! We are so excited.

Dianne West said...

Jay, loved all the pics. Talon and
Tyler really do have a lot of fun
and funny moments! I loved what
he said to Talon in his sweet voice,
and then to the nurse in his deep,
froggy voice! For sure there are
paybacks in motherhood!

Love, Mom

Anika said...

They are so cute! I love the Tyler almost attacked the nurse! LOL! It was so good to see everyone yesterday! :)

Eric said...

I wish I could remember if Justin and I were like that. I love that they are happy to see each other and sad when they are apart.

Sherrie Batty said...

Those pictures are so cute. Those moments are really motivating. I love the hospital story. Thanks for sharing.

Sherrie Batty said...

Jaynann, I tagged you. Just some simple questions for you to answer. Three of each--joys, fears, goals, current obsessions and random facts about you. You can see my answers on my blog. If you want to, you can then tag three friends.

Jeff and Diana said...

awwh... jay your boys are so precious together! i haven't checked blogs in a while and i saw your comment on mine so i thought i would hurry and drop by yours (in the midst of my packing). you almost got me chocked up. i hope my girls love each other too one day!