Sunday, November 11, 2007

Playing Catch Up Through Pictures

We have not done very much with our blog lately, so we are going to play catch up through pictures of October and November. We are not completely sure where the days and time have gone, but it has slipped by so fast that we can't keep up. We are getting excited for the holidays.

We Also want to congratulate Justin and Valerie on their newborn son Cooper James Gaoiran. We are so excited to meet and hold him in December. He is so cute, we just want to squeeze him!

Cooper James Gaoiran


Rachel said...

I love the new pictures. Luke was looking at them with me so I kept saying Tyler and he would say "ta-ya" so he's getting there. can't wait to see you guys.

The Richards in Canada said...

I've been dying to see new pictures! I've been wanting to call you and chat as well! I need to do that sometime soon!!

Carrie said...

Cute kids! I can't decide who they look more alike, I really think they look like both of you! So fun. I love Halloween!