Saturday, November 17, 2007

ER Visit

So, I got an alarming phone call from Eric today at about 12:45 PM. I had just talked to him, literally about 2 minutes before and wondered what he needed so soon after our recent conversation. All I heard was crying and a stressed voice from Eric telling me that we had to go to the hospital and that there was a lot of blood. I had no idea what happened and of course my heart was racing. He hung up, I started for home, called him back and found out that Talon had tripped on his pants and "super-manned" face first into the steps from the garage leading into the house. Eric couldn't tell how bad it was because of all the blood and the tissue under the skin was bulging out.

So, I drove to meet them, left the truck on the side of the road and got in the car with them. Talon was crying and so was Tyler. Eric had calmed down and felt like everything was going to be ok. I was still pretty stressed not being at the scene and wondering how bad it was. It looked quite deep and the swollen tissue worried me. We raced to the ER and got admitted right away.

Eric is a fantastic husband and father! He was alone when all this happened and was able to get Talon and Tyler into the car, with both kids crying and still stay calm himself. As we were getting admitted to the ER, I was holding Talon but I started turning all shades of green and yellow at the sight of Talon in pain and the bloody wound. I told the nurse I felt light-headed but that I wasn't going to pass out. She didn't believe me and told me to lay down. Eric stayed calm the whole time and never once got woozy. He made Talon feel like they were just sitting on the couch at home talking about superheros.

"Talon, in a battle of superheros who do you think would win?"
"Uh, Ben 10 because he has the Omnitrix"

What a great daddy. I think Talon forgot that he was in any pain.

Then it was off to radiology to check for broken bones. He sat so still for the x-ray and did everything that the hospital staff asked of him.

We took this picture especially to show Grandpa Crawford because he works as an x-ray technologist in a hospital. And the good news broken bones!

Talon is one tough kid. The nurse said that we were going to have to brace him when they numbed him but he didn't flinch. Luckily they put some numbing cream on him earlier to make it less painful, but I could hardly watch. Remember my queasy stomach? I'm not tough when it comes to blood, but he did awesome! It looked awful, but he sat really still and the doctor stitched him up quickly and then he was done.

I am amazed at how neatly the skin closed together. It was a gaping wound and it just came together so well. I seriously want to be a nurse, but I am pretty sure I would be a liability with the fainting and all...

When he was done, he was ready to go! He was absolutely ready to go get out of the hospital and get the Bionicle daddy promised him for being so brave. Yea, a smile!

So, Talon is going to be alright. We will take him in for a follow-up visit on Monday and he should get the stitches out in 5 days. He will have a scar that we have to protect for the next 9 months but it should fade with time. Because it was a head wound, we have to keep a close eye on him and wake him tonight to make sure he will rouse easily. He has been feeling good and is now asleep. He is such a champ!

Poor Tyler was so worried about Talon. He was crying and exhausted as well. Luckily my mom was available to take him for us, but he didn't want to go anywhere without mom, dad or Talon. She took him kicking and screaming...thanks mom!!!!

Things like this always make me more grateful for my blessings. Most parents have been in the ER and it's generally a terribly anxious experience. It reminds me of the most important things in life. I love my family and I feel so grateful for my blessings.


Justin & Val said...

Nice battle wound Talon. One day you will be able to tell a nice story about that scar, be proud. Good job Eric in keeping your calm afterall, you do have plenty of experience in dealing with people getting stiches (hint hint, my head your baseball bat). Love you Talon, Uncle Justin

Anika said...

MY BOYFRIEND! What a trooper... I am so glad his nose isn't broken. I missed you in YW yesterday, but I'm glad you were taking care of my boyfriend! Next time you post graphic pics, put a warning at the top, I almost threw up.

Eric said...

yeah, sorry about should see it now, it looks worse! It is black and blue and more swollen.

The Richards in Canada said...

poor guy!! Seriously feel for you guys! Glad that he'll recover and be 110 percent! we miss you guys!

bechtold clan said...

wow, fun stuff...when I got the call from Khory last summer saying they were taking Elijiah to the ER I was freaked out. Looks like all is good tho with Talon thank goodness...nothing like a trip to the ER to scare a mom!

Anika said...

Hey... Where is the fondent you said you were going to bring me last night!? You're in trouble Jay...

The Gaoirans said... too tired. I actually dipped them last night and you are welcome to have some :) I also have some toasted coconut enrobed in chocolate.