Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little sunshine amid the rain and clouds...

Amidst the difficulty of the past several weeks, we were able to get our minds somewhere else the day after the funeral. The Tour of California started in Merced (where Eric is from) the day after the funeral. It had been pouring rain since Sunday and then on Wednesday, it was the most gorgeous day. We went to the start line in Merced and then tried to catch them in another spot. It was so fun! Eric and I were able to get our minds on something that we both love so much.
What is a Tour without Bob Roll...
I got a great picture of Lance. If only we had been there earlier we could have gotten signatures, darn it! We wore our pink "Fat Cyclist" jerseys to show support for Eric's dad and for Susan Nelson.
It was such a fun experience. I love watching races, especially bike races. I just love the energy of it all. We were trying to make it to Mariposa as well so we could see them climb, but the roads were shut hoo. We ended up watching the rest of the race on TV and it was soooo cool. It was a great escape from the sad reality we've been facing.